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Welcome to The Cottage!

The idea behind The Cottage is to show what design concepts are, and how they can be put to use in designing today's home interiors. From fireplaces to Kitchens and floors to ceilings. We design functionality into custom woodwork. 

The purpose of this website is to show the craftsmanship and abilities Cottage Smith is capable of. From architectural drawings to an idea or photograph, together we'll make some accurate shop drawings, showing how we'll make it happen. You are shaping the world you live in and nothing feels more satisfying. I'm here to help, with talent and ability. 

I always start the same way, I listen to you. High end architectural woodworking is a very personal service. We don't like to think of our clients as customers, but as partners in a creative process. From a ceiling treatment or decorative molding to a prestigious library or monumental fireplace, we bring the same high level of craftsmanship and service to the process. We'll have to make some decisions along the way. They will be dictated by quality more than price because it is after all, an investment not an expense.

I have had the good fortune of working with many talented architects and designers, and enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to work in many different styles and genres. I believe the woodworkers' ability and the designers' vision can create a synergy that results in a unique project.

Edward P. Smith

Contact Info;

Cell Phone: 631-790-4765

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